OneGroupDev.com provides low-cost, high-quality web site design services to small businesses and/or large corporations who know the importance of having a corporate presence on the internet. We can also accomodate those clients who require custom search engines, database integration and online commerce.

We specialize in re-designing existing sites with enhancements such as: animated navigation bars, better looking & faster loading pages, custom search engines & shopping carts, voting & polling questionnaires, dynamically generated pages driven by a database, as well as site promotion.

We also provide Desktop Publishing Services, Computer Consulting and Mentoring Services, and Photography and Illustration Services. 

Our fees are roughly half those of our competitors, because we are able to  "telecommute" and so, do not pay office space overhead.

Phillip Goff, CSTE
3742 Rouge Way
Louisville, KY 40218
Primary Phone:(502)473-1798